Monday, December 25, 2017

The Christmas weekend that was weird


I hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season. This has been the weirdest weekend.  Saturday we had our immediate family lunch here at my small home. It was pot lock and the food was good.  We opened presents which were thoughtful and appreciated while college football was on the tv. Everyone left by late afternoon and I just couldn't shake the feeling that it did not even feel like Christmas!  That's kind of an odd statement because what does Christmas "feel" like?  Maybe because it was an early celebration, maybe no holiday music  in the background, maybe my hormones are out of whack, maybe cause I've had bad allergies for almost a month, maybe it's old age.  I don't know what the answer was but I just went to bed early cause I was tired.

I woke up Sunday and exchanged presents with my brother who lives with me and they were just so thoughtful!  A quilting calendar, pot holders he had made by a special quilter in his adult day center, etc. I was feeling a little better.  I started laundry and realized I had a document needing to be mailed so I jumped in my truck and went a half mile to the mailbox.  I got back in my vehicle and started home --I had no brakes!!! My foot went right to the floor.  No warning of any problem...(I just had the entire brake system fixed 8 months ago for the same problem at a great cost).  I was shaking the rest of the way and coasted home where I was lucky to stop in the driveway.  I was blessed there were no vehicles in my way.
I am a person who really stresses over auto problems and being without my wheels. I have handled a lot of other issues in my life easily but auto problems  is not for me.
I called my son in law/daughter and we all figured out how to handle this for Tuesday morning. They have loaned me one of their vehicles so I can drive to their home for special dinner today and they will be late to work Tuesday so they can help me get my broken truck to the service center. I am so pleased my SIL will be with me for support.  We had planned for me to watch my grandson cause he's on break from school, so that can still take place.
Thank God for protecting me and giving me such a great family.

I then proceeded to take down the artificial tree because my allergies started the day after I set it up a month ago and it was next to my recliner all this time. (we'll see if that's the culprit).  I did lots of laundry, cooked, cleaned just to get thru the day till they would pick me up for dinner and church.  About an hour before they arrived I went outside to my truck to retrieve something, tripped over the sidewalk, bounced into the truck and landed on one hip in the driveway. I never fall (thank God). I was looking down at my remote and not watching where I was walking, etc., etc., etc.  The whole experience was in slow motion ( this is gonna hurt, hope nobody is watching, hope I can get back up....)  Unbelievable... (nasty words might have left my mouth).

I slowly got back up and carefully made it back to the house. Nothing was broken and I feel much better today.  But, it felt like some kind of lesson was being sent to me. No clue what that is.

My daughter and family arrived.  We had a great dinner but didn't make it to church (dinner ran late) so we packed into their vehicle and visited Christmas lights in the area while singing  Christmas songs. It was wonderful and ended my day beautifully!  I finally got my Christmas spirit.

I hope everyone had a quiet peaceful weekend instead.
Best wishes,


  1. Oh Mary! I can relate to so much of what you wrote. I've had my years of auto anxiety and know what it is like to a) lose brakes and b) find out that what was just fixed appears not to have been. You have to hold someone accountable for this situation. I'm glad you did not get hurt when you landed but if you ask me...the universe is telling you to slow down and take a real break. I hope things get better. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs!

    1. Oh my goodness Michele thank you so much for understanding and the kind wishes. I've had a better week. Happy New Year!

  2. Falling is not fun - it is just such an awful feeling to know you it's happening and you can't stop it! I hope you're doing okay a few days afterwards. Hope the brakes are now fixed on your truck, too, Mary! Glad you had some good times on Christmas to make up for the tough ones.

  3. i related to all you said. Good question, what is it supposed to feel like? I think unless you're living in an LLBeab house with tons of family and events, it might feel like something is missing. Real life. I hate car trouble. It's the unknown. We had a flat on the trip out at dark in tiny podunk town. Like you, luckily God was with us and I thought to google tire centers nearby, and one was open 15 min longer!! They came out and replaced the very worn tire for us at a cost for after hours. We were safe though as he worked, not on the side of the highway.
    Falling is awful. That awareness you are going down. On the trip out, I was distracted by Milo at a truck stop, my foot hit the sidewalk heave, and I ran several steps forward to avoid actually falling. Whew! It was bad enough. As to the tree... hmmm we gave up real trees because of allergies, I wonder if the artificial one is dusty. I mean how do you dust them? LeeAnna

    1. Wow LeeAnna- you had a serious auto issue! You were so lucky to get help in the dark! I have a picture in my mind of you avoiding falling-been there, done that. My bronchitis is almost gone and I took the tree down 5 days ago. I'll air out the rooms this weekend in my spare time. hee hee. Hope you are keeping warm and have a great New Year!mary

  4. Oh auto anxiety, it is my newest fear since my live in auto mechanic is now gone. I pray and I lucked out and found a really good one that will come to my house and fix stuff, for the same price as if I took it to the shop. Oh glad you didn't break anything, but I bet you had a bruise. Surprisingly I did have the Christmas spirit. Took until just a day or two before but it arrived. Have a very happy New Year.