Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I Like Thursdays Dec 14


It's that time again! Let's try to focus on our "likes "for this week-here are mine:

1. Easy Spirit's Traveltime Clog (in black/gray suede).  I've been having severe back pain and thought it might be a different tennis shoe I have been wearing when I went shopping.  Sure enough, I wore my inside- the- house Easy Spirit clogs instead on Monday and ran around for 4 hours with no pain.  Oh my goodness what a difference.  So I ordered a new pair for outside walking. They're expensive but so worth it now.

I recommend them. I've worn them around the house for years but now have a pair coming for outdoors. I cannot wait for them to get here!!

2.  My new Header here. I have been wanting to improve it for months and finally spent 3 hours learning how to use "paint" in Microsoft ( I know, I'm way behind the times there). That's the only place I could find to join 3 photos.  LOL. I feel better now.

3. Coasters for my SIL for Christmas.  My son in law actually asked if I would make him sport coasters because mine were bigger and more absorbent then the fancy stone ones my daughter uses in her living room.  LOL. So, here's what I made him for Christmas:

Aren't they cute?  And, from stash scraps! They're about 6 inches square with cotton batting inside.

4.  Camping Pillow and Place mats for my son and DIL. They have a beautiful 5th wheel camper so I made them stuff for Christmas for the camper :

Guess I didn't take a photo of the matching place mats before wrapping! Bummer- they were pretty.
The solid fabric is a slate blue-really nice.  I cut up squares from a panel of these camping scenes and just added strips of the blue solid.

5. Summerwinds Nursery-one of my favorite hangouts.  Sometimes I just go there to look at the beautiful plants, but this time I was purchasing some petunias for me and 2 Christmas Cactus plants before they no longer bloom or are all gone.  I gave my daughter one so she could enjoy the blooms now.

She loves it but I do think they might be  high maintenance. We'll see. here's some more photos of my visit:

So funny to see the desert snowman next to these beautiful Christmas Trees! I walked around just so I could enjoy the fragrances.  You have to realize this is our growing season.
Here is a display of a special pottery brand called Telavera that is stunning:

6. The movie, White Christmas, at the theater.


My daughter and I went Saturday to the movie theater for a one time showing of our favorite Christmas movie.  Just- wow. The music and color were perfect.  The story is sweet and we were emotional when we left! All of the musicians, singers, dancers were so talented.  We had such a great day. I can't believe I took that second photo above with my phone as the movie started.  I never do stuff like that!

7. Doug Jones winning the senatorial race in Alabama. I could write an entire separate blog on this topic but will just leave it at that.

Well, the shopping is all done, presents are wrapped and under the tree. Now for some relaxation to enjoy the season (no sewing till next year).  I will be getting ready for family brunch here in 2 weeks so MAYBE I'll bake something and clean the house. But, I'll probably catch up on recorded Hallmark Christmas movies.  I love this time of year on Hallmark channel.
 Sometimes, I just sit in the rocker listening to music and looking at the tree and lights for a few minutes.

Please join us at Lee Anna's for more "likes" at:Not Afraid of Color . We have a great group of people sharing their posts.
Thanks so much for dropping by.  This blog is so fun for sharing and I appreciate your comments.
Have a great week.


  1. Hi Mary,
    Oh, my absolute favorite Christmas movie - I would love to see it on the BIG screen! So touching at the end, and fun throughout and the best music. Those shoes look great! I need to get a pair of shoes that are just for the house instead of slippers. I have such trouble with my feet lately - maybe they would help. The coasters and pillow are great and will be enjoyed, I'm sure. How nice to get a request for the coasters! #7 - agreed on the like. Enjoy the Hallmark movies and the tree - I love to just rock and enjoy the peace and quiet the lights of the tree seem to bring. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Love your likes (we love Doug Jones too!) and your presents are fantastic! I have those easy spirit clogs too (about 10 pairs in assorted colors) and adore them! They are worth every penny! Cheers and have a wonderful day!

  3. What fun to see that in the theater! Those clogs look comfy.

    Finding collage software isn't easy! I found that out when I thought my Picassa wouldn't run. I'm glad you found something that worked.

  4. Yep I am right there with you and Doug Jones. I watched White Christmas the other night. Great Christmas presents that you made.

  5. I have some similr clog in black that I wear to walk Gracie in. My kids call them my old lady shoes. LOL They are indeed so comfortable. I hope you are enjoying an enchanting Christmas season.

  6. I thought you had a new blog header when I first clicked onto it before I even read anything! Good for you, Mary - these tech things can be a challenge! Your shoes look so comfy. It's great that they worked out for shopping. I love that you can buy outdoor plants this time of year. I usually help my mom plant some pots when we are there in late fall/ early winter. Happy Thursday!

  7. looking for a way ti follow your blog?

  8. Loving your new header and I haven't a clue how to do that!
    I also love those coasters...perfect.
    I've added Traveltime clogs to my wish you know foot wear is very imp. to me also. Hubby is loving his indoor sketchers and finds them so much better that his floppy slippers.
    Yes, the season is to be enjoyed...all the sights, sounds and tastes. Enjoy every minute!