Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things I like Oct 19


Despite the bad news in Puerto Rico, California and other places I will try to provide my list of likes for this week in the hopes you will feel good:

My pride in my 2 grandsons now in the Army.  

My son married their mom about 11 years ago and I have never met 2 nicer, polite young men. I am so proud of them.  And glad they are not overseas. Their mom is a stronger woman than I to have her only kids both in the Army at the same time.  I always worried about my Marine son for many  years till he retired.

Vacationing for 4 days in Payson Az with my daughter's family.
I have to tell you- being away from the heat for 4 days with not much tv, and smart phones not working due to location in the woods was fantastic.  I recommend it highly. We stayed at a cabin and took small trips during the day to other towns, lakes, fall festivals and FOOD. At night, we lit a campfire as well as a bbq for our dinners in the cabin. We also had plenty of downtime sitting on the porch doing absolutely nothing in beautiful surroundings.

Warning: heavy photo layout ahead. 

Hope these Iphone photos provide as much fun for you as we had:
This is Woods Canyon Lake which was pretty from a distance but we were not able to get closer due to it not being ADA accessible. It stands at over 7000 feet elevation.

My son in law in Christopher Creek.  He drove us everywhere and likes to cook. He is a good man.
Here is my darling daughter also in Christopher Creek . They had gone on a small hike starting yards from our cabin!
My daughter and grandson bundled up in front of the fire pit (in forefront barely visible). My grandson finally got a great view of the stars in the sky! In Glendale, where they live, it's almost impossible to see many stars due to the city lights. He was so cute-"Gramma -there are thousands of stars!"

After our fall festival in Pine, Az, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant  called Mi Familia which was sooo good. The prices were also excellent. In the foreground, is a Salsa Bar!

A  family photo taken while on a break from playing jet ball at the Payson city park. My grandson had such fun and we all could not have asked for better weather= 76 in the day and 49 in the morning.
My son in law watching me and my  grandson playing trucks with the ramp on the cabin porch-his favorite game.

Me and my daughter saying goodbye to the cabin before heading home!

Last- but my favorite photo was my view from the bedroom when I was doing my Yoga each morning. I wish I could enlarge it to fit the arcadia door in my home bedroom.  LOL

Making some "coffee' place mats for the dining table.  They coordinate with my fabric back splash cause they are made from leftover fabric:

I love the coffee bean backing. Here's a photo of the back splash:

I cut the rest of the panel pieces into separate place mats with added scraps to match.

As an FYI- I changed the "https" security  box on my Blogger setting to "yes" for a more secure site and recommend ya'll do the same due to the many Internet hackings lately.  If you are not using Blogger, I don't know how you would accomplish that secure set up but I'm sure you could "google" it.

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Have a great week!


  1. I love looking at family pics especially with natural beauty as backdrop!

    1. I don't post photos too much of the family due to privacy concerns but these were special occasions. Glad you enjoyed them

  2. Looks like a lovely get away and the view and cabin were great.

  3. What a wonderful trip and time spent with your family, Mary! I enjoyed your photos. We have always gone through Payson when driving down to see my mom, but never spent any time there. Your coffee placemats are fun! Happy Thursday!

  4. Hi Mary,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time at the cabin. I am still smiling over the thousands of stars comment, and the playing trucks on the ramp - be still my heart. The backsplash is fabulous and I LOVE the coffee mats - yum. I love everything about coffee - the smell, the taste, even the grounds. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Oh my goodness, yes-the smell of coffee. I don't drink caffeine much anymore but still like my coffee. My grandson has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair as you can see, so this was a very special trip. Thx for the kind thoughts. Have a great day. mary

  5. Mary, I can hear it in your voice what a wonderful time you had. I think there is nothing better than being with family and everyone enjoying down time together. I would be proud too of fine young men in service for their country. Good luck to them. And I enjoyed all the photos.

  6. What a fun roundup of photo! Please thank your grandsons for their bravery and service.