Wednesday, November 8, 2017



First and foremost-My heart goes out to the families of victims and the survivors of the Texas church massacre. I don't understand what's happening to my country. We are not even safe in church.

However, in the spirit of a positive approach to my day- here are my "likes" for this week:

1. Making fabric- Have you ever done that? I love that terminology- it's free. I keep a scrap bucket on my cutting table and it was time for emptying and sorting. I was able to put most of the those scraps  in my scrap color -designated containers.  But, my "fall- colored" scrap bin was overflowing already and could not hold anymore scraps, so I stopped everything I was doing for one afternoon and just sat sewing.  I  took JUST THE SCRAPS FROM THE LAST 2 MONTHS and  cut them into 5 inch slabs. I made 150+ slabs!

I joined them in approximately 10 inch pieces and laid them out on a table= enough pieces for 25" x 45"!!

this is craziness!  I have no idea what I'm going to do with them-probably a coin border for some project later. I just bagged them up for later and put them  into the large scrap bin.  I'm glad I took the time to make fabric!  It was a fun escape time also.

2.  My new Frosty green  table runner.  I have gone back to making stuff for my craft sale at Thanksgiving. It's the only sale I'm entering this year so, I need to get cracking.  I've had a Frosty panel stashed away, so I cut up the squares and rectangles off the panel,  added borders, and quilted the top  onto batting.

 I cut a scrap piece for backing to match the frame of the top, sewed them  right sides together, turned right side out, pressed and top stitched the edge. (no binding).  I also quilted some straight lines in the center of the runner to hold the pieces together.  These Frosty pieces are so cute and the backing is Christmas hearts!

The runner is 11x40 inches. 

3. A trip to Pier 1.  I'm not much of  a window shopper but, after an annoying medical office visit, I stopped on the way home for therapy and visited Pier 1.  I don't go there but possibly once a year.  It felt really good because they have all their Christmas displays out and I needed some inspiration besides an escape from reality. I don't usually purchase anything cause their prices are out of my budget but this time I spent $20.  Whoo Whoo!

I couldn't believe Papasan chairs are in again!

And, this one is a rocker with a velvety pillow (nostalgia time for us old hippies)! Very cool, but I wouldn't be able to get out of it once I was in. 
Also, Pier 1 likes to top their white trees with black top hats. Very cute.

I was intrigued by a large array of masks:

They were very ornate and pretty. i think Lee Anna might like these.

Then I saw this fun tree:
It was about 15 feet tall and they just stuck everything in there!  The display designers at Pier 1 are awesome.
What did I purchase?  Two delightful Reed Diffuser sets for gifts and a gold glittered wire Christmas tree (a foot tall) for a gift also. SCORE

This photo of this tree doesn't do it justice but it's the best since my camera is broken.  The scents on the diffusers are Fresh Balsam and Snowy Birch- very natural.

Well, hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my world and please join us at Lee Anna's "likes" post: Not Afraid of Color

Until next time😊



  1. Oooo Pier one... eye candy along with anthropologie. I do love those masks! And all of this. I relate to just sew it, then store if for just the right moment. Thanks Mary...loved the post and your sensitivity that shines through. LeeAnna

    1. Thanks Lee Anna. It was fun and interesting. Take care

  2. I love your scrap strips that you made! Such pretty colors! Sometimes that kind of sewing is just what you need, even if you don't have a use for it right away. Pier 1 looks like it was a fun place to look around in. Even though I have a very traditionally decorated Christmas tree in my house, it's fun to see unusual ones in other places! Have a great week, Mary!

  3. Hi Mary,
    Ooh, that frostie runner is great! He looks just like the cartoon - I'm humming that tune now. And those Fall scraps!! Holy moly - I think of them as free fabric, too. I am not too great on using them up, though. But there's always time to start . . . and Papasan chairs! I have one in my basement from the 80s. Holy moly - everything comes back in style, doesn't it. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I thought those "Frostys" were so realistic too. I was so surprised to see the Papasan chair but happy to hear you stll have one. They are comfortable for reading!

  4. Great post. It is so hard to be positive in the wake of all that has been happening in our world. I like your fall slabs, and the Frosty runner, and such fun finds at Pier 1.

  5. Cheers Mary! I love that frostie runner and LOVE your experiment making fabric, i think it is cool! Hugs!

  6. It's been ages since I've gone to Pier 1. So much good stuff.

    Look at all that lovely scrap. I love the fall colors.

  7. Like the previous commenter I've not been shopping at Pier 1 for awhile so this was fun to see as well as the various sewing projects that you have going on :)

    Love the fall shades in the one and the snowman made me smile :)

  8. Pier One at this time of year is amazing. I just love all the Christmas stuff in general. It is a happy time of year, despite the awful news. And you have the most wonderful autumn many pretty leaves!

  9. I cannot get over what you made with scraps! Just fantastic. Enjoy this time of Thanksgiving.