Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Things I like Nov 16


Where did this last week go?  Somebody get it back for me - I have lots to do.
The rush is on to start getting ready for the holidays so I am making lots of lists.
Here are my "likes" for this week:

1. New bloggers added to our group over at Lee Anna's post. We are all so different yet the same. We enjoy blogging about our likes and lives but also enjoy seeing other's posts!

2. My new Brookstone pillow. My daughter gave me a new bed pillow.  She had puchased some for her home and after we spent a day organizing my grandson's bedroom, she wanted to repay me for the help (which was not necessary, obviously) and gave me a new pillow.
Oh my goodness. This is like sleeping on a cloud. It can be found online to purchase.
I have never had such a luxury- I usually spend $5-10 on a pillow. The Brookstone  pillow is expensive but worth it.
I have sleep issues for health reasons and yet this pillow has helped me sleep better. It is microfiber with a cotton shell, ultra soft and machine washable.

3. Applesauce Cake.  My mom made 2 cakes when I was growing up: Mayonaise cake and Applesauce cake.  They are made from scratch with basic on- hand ingredients for a single layer and turn out moist.  My applesauce cake was found at

4. My red Frosty table toppers.

This first one has blue/white swans on the reverse.

This second one has peppermint candies on the back.  They are each 15 inch square, made in about an hour each, and from scraps.  I love the rabbit on number 2.  These will be in the craft sale next week.

On a sad note, I liked the tributes I have read on blogs and Facebook for Nancy Zieman this week on her passing.  She was a pioneer, author and designer of sewing who was just so pleasant to watch. I not only watched her sewing on PBS for many years, but I still receive her notion catalog each year. She will be sorely missed.

I'm going to try and design as well as install a simple front window Christmas deco this week so I can have it ready by the day after Thanksgiving. I've purchased the parts at great discount at Michael's and the Dollar Store- so that's a start.  Plus, each afternoon I'm making small gifts for the craft sale next week, while getting other household chores done! Never a dull moment.

Thanks for dropping by and join us for more fun at Lee Anna's post: Not Afraid of Color
Have a great day!


  1. Hi Mary, lovely likes all!So funny, I too spent time with my daughter sorting my grandson's bedroom last week. We felt really good about the finish and three bags of outgrown clothes to pass on.
    My mom used to make a chocolate cake with mayonnaise in it.
    I really must consider a new you I generally buy cheap pillows and the one expensive memory foam one we tried, neither of us liked. But I must reconsider as I do have sleep issues. Good luck with the cake and your new decoration.

  2. you have such a kindness about you... glad you got the gift of rest on that nice pillow

  3. Hi Mary,
    I am always on the lookout for a good pillow! Ugg, it is so difficult to find just the right one. Thanks for sharing your new delight - it is worth a shot! How funny - my mom always made Miracle Whip cake. I can remember my best friend's mom didn't believe me when I told her MW was an ingredient. So good!! The table toppers just make me smile - I love Frosty and now I'm humming his tune. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I was considering applesauce cake today. LOL Of course mine always had to have cream cheese frosting. New pillows are awesome, and isn't it amazing how a pillow will make a difference?

  5. I've liked reading all the tributes to Nancy Zieman, too, and now I feel bad that I never watched her show. Maybe there's still a way to do that? Your new pillow sounds wonderful, and such a thoughtful gift from your daughter. Applesauce cake -yummy! Happy Thursday, Mary!

  6. A good pillow is so hard to find. Applesauce cake sounds delicious!

  7. Good sleep and good pillows are so important! Looking forward to seeing your front window decorations! Have a wonderful week!