Thursday, November 30, 2017

I like Thursdays Nov 30


I hope ya'll have recuperated from turkey day here in the states and everyone is healthy and happy.

Here are my likes for this week:
1. Selling my wares at the local craft sale. This was a small community center here in Peoria in a lower income area so it was fun to sell a few place mats, coasters, pot holders, zippered pouches and the favorite-microwave bowl covers:

The solids are the inside of the bowl covers.  I didn't make a lot of money at the sale but met so many  people and made new friends with some fellow crafters.  It was so fun to provide these items for kids to purchase also. This was the only sale I entered this year.

2.  Crazy Mom Quilts blog.  I have followed Amanda Jean for years and just love how creative and sweet she is on her blog.  She has written 2 books and has many followers.  It's her down- to -earth approach to quilting that is so fun.  Here is just one of her items I have added to my "wants" list.

I made many buckets last Christmas but I especially like the teeny tiny patchwork strip and the hand stitching on  this one!  So simple but a great impact.  Amanda's blog link

3. Christmas Coasters.  I had a panel in the stash with 12  Christmas squares so I trimmed them all down and made coasters:

I made 6 because I just sewed 2 together with scrap batting in the middle.  So, they are reversible. I gave 3 to my daughter, but I kept the rest!  I love the vintage look!

4. Outside Decorations. As I mentioned last month, I no longer have a camera so I'm doing the best I can with my Iphone.  My daughter and son in law helped me shape a tree from a  lighted garland on the front window:

I then covered a large shelf unit (that was on my back patio) in a red Christmas vinyl tablecloth and added wrapped presents for the top of the red box. Lots of rocks inserted in the shelf box and presents will keep the unit from blowing away....she said.  I'm not sure how any rain might affect them. Since we only had a few rain sprinkles in the last 90 days, it's hard to predict. Total cost for this project= $12.00! Thank you, Michaels.

5. Store displays this time of year. I seem to be slowing down and smelling the cinnamon. Finally.
    Designers and sale staff are so creative! I have always been so busy with work,etc this time of year      that I rushed thru the process instead of appreciating their work.  I hope you get to spend some            time enjoying this season!

My Christmas indoors decorating is done and hopefully I will have decent photos next time. Now if I can just find time to bake a few items after gift wrapping, cleaning, cooking meals, doctor appointments, family visits.......oh my.

Please join us at Lee Anna's sight:Not Afraid of Color  for more likes!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts.  Have a blessed day.


  1. I love seeing Christmas displays in stores!!! I went to Anthropologie last night and they never fail to excite my imagination. I like your decorations!

    1. You know, forgot what a great display Anthropologie has! I need to find one close to our new location. thanks.

  2. Great likes! I love your decorations! Well done! Have a great week!

  3. Good Morning Mary,
    What a nice collection of likes for the week! I love your outside decorations - that is very creative and looks festive. Those coasters do look vintage and that is a great use of a panel. Your cozies look fun as do the bags. I'll bet you sold quite a few of each. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Love that turkey photo in your last post!
    So happy you enjoyed your sale and I really like that paisley fabric.
    Your coasters are sweet and a great use of a panel.
    I can get really excited to see all the Christmas displays and so many are so creative. I really don't know who thinks up all the fresh takes on a very old tradition. Your Christmas Tree is perfect!

  5. I love all the lights and outside Christmas decorations - and people in Arizona do it the best! I'll miss walking around my mom's neighborhood this year. I love Crazy Mom, too. I think she was one of the first quilt bloggers I discovered and I went back and read every single post of hers since she started the blog! That little basket would be fun to make. Happy Thursday, Mary!

  6. I like your likes. All good stuff. That bucket looks cool!

  7. I agree outside lights are awesome. One of the grandsons and I went to a scout function, but he was so stoked on the ride home even at 9 because of all the houses in the country that had decorated.