Thursday, July 6, 2017

Things I like July 6


Thanks to Lee Anna ( she keeps me motivated), here's my list of likes for this week:

1.  Avocado Nachos.  I had just got home from a major grocery shopping. I was starving, so I just sprinkled Italian blend cheeses with a little piece of chipotle soft  cheese over tortilla chips, baked in the micro 25 seconds and added smashed avocado with a few shreds of lettuce. Sort of healthy but done!  Really good, too.

It was a quick, easy snack till I could get a lunch thrown together.

2. PBS show-The Story of China

We have watched 2 in the series.  The video and photography is outstanding while the host, Michael Wood, is delightful.  He presents the country's  long history while providing a glimpse of their many current day cultures simultaneously. This photo is from the PBS website. Please check your local listings if you want to watch these also.  The DVD's can be purchased and of course, you can watch them online at PBS.

3.Another finished quilt. This is the Scrap Slice quilt. I sewed informal scraps together to form 10 inch blocks with an added peach border. It's about 50 x 60 inches.  It will be donated to the ALS foundation next week.

This is the first time I "tied" a quilt and I have to say: I LOVED IT.  The tying was quick and easy while TV watching, but didn't hurt my thumbs as hand sewing does.  I machine stitched the sides of the blocks and borders then I just tied each of the block centers with embroidery thread.  ALS accepts all types of quilts whereas, other agencies require machine stitched quilting. There is a "Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS" on right now sponsored by Quilters Dream Batting. You can see it at Quilters Dream Batting.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th here in the USA.  Please join us at Lee Anna's blog for other likes:NOT AFRAID OF COLOR.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Mary, your nachos look yummy! You and LeeAnna are making me crave avocado today! The China series sounds interesting! We're looking forward to a show in the History Channel about Amelia Earhart this Sunday. I like your idea to do some machine stitching and some tying on a quilt. I used to tie my quilts all the time, but haven't done it in quite awhile now. Hope you're staying cool!

    1. There's a live animal show on National Geo channel Sunday too!
      I'm interested in Amelia Earhart, also!

  2. mary, I look forward to Thursdays now, as I just LOVE these posts! Random and happy. Your snack is similar to my breakfast. The quilt is so very pretty and I haven't tied one. My grandmother regularly did, now I might do it with your encouragement. I am definitely looking for the pbs show on China. I love to learn about other cultures!

  3. I love avocado and usually include it in a taco salad thing I make. I am used to tied quilts and the look can be just as nice and can really suit certain ones. Your scraps go together so much better than mine do and this turned out to be so pleasing. We too love PBS shows, among the best imo, and China is so fascinating.

  4. So funny that your avocado nachos (which look delicious!!!) came on the same week as LeeAnna's avocado toast! I love avocados, but somehow never think of buying them. My mom grabbed a whole bag to take on our camping trip because the grandkids like them so much, and I think I need to just add them to the grocery list!

  5. Oh I adore traveling so I will have to seek out the PBS series. I too adore avocados. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Congrats on the finished quilt and that Story of China video looks amazing! I want to check it out ; thank you for the referral.