Thursday, May 25, 2017



Where the heck did the week go? I can't believe it's another Thursday. Here are the things I liked this week:

1. My new Lime Table Topper made from a charm pack -Mimosa by Another Point of View onto a blue background. It finished about 12 inches square:

It was an experiment to join half of a charm to another half and cut out a 5 inch dresden plate, so fun.

2, A retro Red Vinyl Tablecloth for my kitchen table. I had never sewn with vinyl before and loved making this in about an hour!  I cut the vinyl to the circle measurement of the table and added a white 2.5 inch border:

Isn't it cute!  With a klutzy adult brother and then my 12 year old grandson, this is so much easier on a glass table  then just placemats.  LOVE IT!  Too bad I couldn't remember how to calculate the circumference of the table (Ugh-Geometry was 50 years ago!) so I just kept sewing jelly rolls together to fit the tablecloth.  yes, I was too lazy and too much in a hurry to Google the formula. Oh well.

3. Sweet Chili Chicken. I am so into easy. I put 3 boneless skinless chicken thighs (spread out) in the crock pot. Added Thai Sweet Chili Sauce to each one and drizzled agave syrup all over.  Adding the slice sweet pepper and then Tarragon sprinkled on top makes it pretty.  I covered them with a parchment paper tent, then the lid.  Cooked on high 3 hours and done. Really good. Not too spicy. Just right.This meal for 2 cost a buck-thighs were on sale for $1.77 a pound.

You're welcome.

On a serious note, I DO NOT LIKE WHAT OUR WORLD HAS BECOME with such violence to innocent victims at a concert in Manchester England. I don't have any answers. I just wish they could stop terrorists. Quite frankly, I don't think they can. Sorry to end on a sad note.

I do hope everyone has a safe happy weekend.


  1. Replies
    1. Every time I walk in the kitchen it gives me happy thoughts.

  2. the table cloth is awesome! and the recipe. Mary I wonder why people are just so angry all the time too. So destructive. They strike at strangers and I wonder what their payoff is. So much anger in the world. Can we be poisoning the world with chemicals causing some of this?

    Thanks for sharing the positives in your life, we can keep trying to do good work, trying to spread kindness, and to keep our sanity looking at the things around us that are good. Self defense.

  3. Hi, Mary! Your chicken recipe sounds and looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! I like how you made the vinyl tablecloth for your table. It looks cute and useful. Oh, and your Dresden Plate table topper is great! That is a pattern I haven't ever tried - another one to put on the list!

    1. you know the dresden is so easy but looks complicated. I am always happy when I make one. I hope you get to enjoy making one soon.

  4. Excellent table cloth. I also like your dresden plate.

    You have added a little cheer to this world. Every little bit counts.

  5. Hi,
    Love your tablecloth, so pretty. The chicken looks yummy. Have a great day!

  6. Thank you! The tablecloth is so fun to see every morning.

  7. I'm fascinated by how you finished your tablecloth to "hug" the table edge. Is it sewn with elastic? Looks like it would stay on the table despite your "klutzy adult brother" and "12-year old grandson." My tablecloth seems to wander off the table edges at every chance! And the chicken looked great.