Thursday, May 18, 2017



It's been another crazy week and things are going to get even crazier. I'm going to spend 2 days a week watching, playing, pretending school, enjoying my grandson this summer.  In the past, he went to summer school or UCP for respite care every day in the school summer vacation. So, I will cut back (pun intended) on my quilting until August when he returns to school. What happened to being off ALL summer from school? Since it is unbearably hot here in the summer, it's really hard on special- needs, wheelchair bound persons  to transport in the heat. Oh well, who knows how the school calendars are decided. Anyway, I am so looking forward to spending these fun days with him.  I plan to try teaching him more life skills as well. I can't believe he will be 13 in June!

I do plan to keep up my blog especially on Thursdays for our "like" posts.  I NEED IT! for my sanity based on the daily news. So, here is my list for this week:

I like:
1. Coconut milk. I have become lactose intolerant the last few years (added to my other allergies). But, lactose free cow's milk is so expensive. So I've been trying different alternatives. I especially like coconut milk by this brand and unflavored so I can add to it if I like.

Recently, I made tapioca pudding with this milk and it was divine.

2. Feeling better. Gee, that's a no- brain-er.  My allergies went bonkers 10 days ago and I developed bronchitis because of it, so I have been suffering.  It's not a pretty picture.  Can I say with all the over -the -counter drugs which I cannot take, Vicks Vaporub is still a great standby at night. Just sayin.  I can't take hardly any of the sinus, cold, flu, pills or liquids because I feel worse from the side effects.

3. My new May plants.  I received a gift card for my local nursery and picked up a few new plants.

The tall purple one is Salvia and has the most unusual fragrance. It's a new one for me. I also purchased another stand -by for the summer, Vinca and a baby Kolanchoe for the kitchen.

4. My new Tea Wallet. Sometimes, while dining in a restaurant or I'm visiting my kids' house,  I want caffeine free tea( hot or cold) but it is not available. So, I made a Tea Wallet to carry tea in my purse.

Here is a photo of the template I made on card stock.

I cut out 2 from layer cakes (one for exterior and 1 for lining) and a matching piece from Pellon 808. I attached the interfacing to the lining and sewed the exterior to the lining right sides together leaving a small opening.  I top stitched the edge and quilted a few lines. Then, it was just a matter of folding the four sides in, tacking the left and right to the bottom piece and I attached a small piece of black elastic to the back of the top piece. The picture above is when it's open. The elastic is to keep the wallet closed.  Sorry for no tutorial. I really didn't know if this would work.

I hope you are healthy and happy.  Please hook up with Lee Anna at NOT AFRAID OF COLOR for all our likes!


  1. I love coconut taste so I am going looking for this. Have you tried local honey to help with allergies? I don't know if it helps but it soothes a cough. Have fun with the grandson! Time flies by

  2. Pretty new plants in pots! I love planting (even though I have a bit of a brown thumb)! I went to the garden centerr yesterday to buy some bedding plants for my barrels and pots, but today it is snowing here, so I won't be planting them for awhile. ;(. Your tea wallet is wonderful! Do you mind if I try making one? I also carry tea with me at times, and have a friend who would love one of these, too! Happy Thursday, Mary!

  3. Yay for plants! I like that tea wallet, too. What a great idea.

  4. What a great idea for a tea bag holder! Thanks for telling us how you did it. Vinca! THAT's what I wanted to get for the garden this year in our new house. Will have to go back again (oh darn lol) to the greenhouse. Hope you find a bit of time to quilt while spending time with your grandson; maybe you can get him to sew a bit?!

  5. I hope you have a great summer with your grandson! I love your new plants, the salvia is especially intriguing. Does it grow very large? Will you plant it outside?

  6. Funny I should read your post about kid sitting, as my 12 year old grandson asked me to call it. I'm with him every second Tuesday evening while his mother works an evening shift and with the 3 year old grandson every Tuesday while his parents work so I get to have my Nana time with both. It is very valuable to them and me I think. I do hope it goes well with you for the summer.
    Lots of lovely likes...I use both coconut milk and oil.
    I raked in the garden last week and it set off some kind of allergy for me but am now feeling better...just like you. Would love to be able to talk to you about that topic.
    Love the tea wallet.